Little Bangkok to Show Authentic Thai food at World Expo 2020 Dubai

Little Bangkok to Show Authentic Thai food  at World Expo 2020 Dubai

Dubai (United Arab Emirates) – July 8, 2019 ( – The Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) of Thailand has selected “Little Bangkok” to be an official restaurant in the Thailand Pavilion at World Expo 2020 Dubai, to be held from 20 October 2020 to 10 April 2021 in Dubai, the United Arab of Emirates. The charm of Thai food is going to be presented through a variety of seasonings to demonstrate the quality and authentic taste of Thai food. Also, special menus will be exclusively created for audiences from every corner of the world.

Dr. Nattapon Nimmanphatcharin, President and CEO of the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa), explained that Thailand Pavilion at World Expo 2020 Dubai will be located in the Mobility Zone, which covers 3,606 sq.m. It is the largest area ever given to Thailand at the World Expo. The exhibition will be presented under the concept of “Mobility for the Future.” In addition to the exhibition, the Pavilion’s restaurant will present Thai cuisine to international visitors – a unique characteristic of Thai culture recognized globally. Thai restaurants have always been well-received and popular at every world exposition.

For this event, there were five companies interested in managing the restaurant zone at the Thailand Pavilion, and the winner was Little Bangkok, a famous Thai restaurant operated by Thais living in Dubai. Its services will be available in over 160 sq.m. on the ground floor of the Thai Pavilion. It will be decorated in a contemporary Thai design to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for 50 patrons at a time. Little Bangkok is well-known for its quality, ingredients and fresh cooking to deliver the authentic taste and premium quality of Thai food to all customers.

At this World Expo, a variety of delicious Thai cuisine will be offered for six months through a combination of seasonings; for example, herbs, galangal, lemongrass, and kaffir lime leaves in a famous dish like Tom Yum Kung (Hot and Spicy Prawn Soup), strong spices in Massaman Curry, the art of simmering coconut milk and curry paste in colorful Green Curry, or popular street food like Pad Thai, sweet and sour sauce fried with meat, stir-fried meat with holy basil, herbal drinks, Thai desserts, and other special dishes. We are certain that these preparations will provide an exquisite experience for the audience.

“Mobility for the Future hosted by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society and other relevant agencies does not only illustrate cultural art through the presented architecture and technology of Thailand it also demonstrates the bonding relationships of Thai people. This differentiates Thailand, making it stand out, well connecting Thais with people worldwide and creating a good impression to foreigners. We can communicate all these through Thai cuisine because its reputation so globally recognized,” said Dr. Nattapon.

Mr. Kirdjakree Haemapun, CEO of the Culex Hospitality group and the founder of Little Bangkok, added, “We are proud to be a part of the Thailand Pavilion and a memorable experience of Thailand. It is also a great opportunity to spread Thai culture and Thai food to foreigners. Little Bangkok has eight branches in Dubai and it has been in operation for six years. It was bestowed the Excellent Thai Restaurant 2019 Award by TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site. Moreover, it earned an award from Zomato, one of the largest food aggregates in the world, as Winner of the Best Pan Asian Casual Dining 2018. Little Bangkok has been recognized as a restaurant offering premium quality, taste, and fast service. Apart from the restaurant business, it provides catering and quick meals in supermarkets.

Little Bangkok also arranges a special campaign, “EAT THAI, FLY THAI & VISIT THAILAND” at all branches in Dubai. Customers can enjoy shooting photos of their dishes or restaurant environment and then sending their photos to get the chance to win 30 flights to Thailand. This campaign runs until 24 August 2019. It is arranged in collaboration with the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Dubai and Middle East Office, Thai Airways International Public Company Limited, Dubai Office, and Middle East Office, and the Thailand Pavilion, to promote tourism and Thai food to foreigners in Dubai to experience “Thainess”.

At World Expo 2020 Dubai, Thailand will exhibit the potential of being a leader of digital technology on the global stage. It aims to attract investors to Thailand through the concept of Digital for Development. Its potential will be extended from the country’s abundance of Suvarnabhumi and distinctive culture of the Land of Smiles which attracts people around the world, to a hub of digital development in Southeast Asia. World Expo is the world’s largest exhibition, held every five years, and the third-greatest event after the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup.

World Expo 2020 Dubai will be hosted for six months, from 20 October 2020 to 10 April 2021 in Dubai, The United Arab of Emirates, under the main theme of “CONNECTING MINDS, CREATING THE FUTURE.” The purpose of this global event is to inspire the next generation and to urge everyone to help develop the world together through these three concepts: 1. Opportunity
2. Mobility and 3. Sustainability.

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